Saturday, June 15, 2013

Color me Rad

Unpainted toenails make me feel naked.  And as I exist solely in open-toed shoes once the weather turns warm, I am constantly painting my toes this time of year.

I have a small stash of nail polish that I use to get by.  Is it just me or is the price of nail polish completely insane?  I love all the Essie colors and I know it's good quality but the thought of having to work nearly a whole hour at my job to afford a bottle of nail polish just strikes me as a bit ridiculous.  In all honesty, I need to get rid of half of my stash because it's old or is a horrible color.  I've gotten to where I am mixing colors to give myself more options.  This week I mixed an orange I had with a really pale pink, and got this lovely color:

Kindof a corally-salmon color.  Take that expensive nail polish!  I will create a crazy palette from the less than stellar collection I own, and keep that $8 for myself.  So there.

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