Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear Cadbury Mini Eggs

Oh sweet little Easter candy,

I am so excited that I found you on clearance after Easter at Target.  That 70% off sign blazing above you was like a beacon of light in the dead of night, calling me to you.  I loaded bag after bag of you in my cart, happy that with so many of you on the shelves I could take a good load and not feel greedy, as there were plenty of you left on the shelf for others to discover.  I took you home, dumped you in the snack bin, and slowly enjoyed your goodness.

I knew that eventually there would be an end to your goodness, and alas, we have reached that point.  Why did you not spontaneously multiply while I wasn't looking so that there were more of you?  I appreciate your constant presence these past few months, and how your rich chocolatey goodness has soothed many a stressful or hormone filled day.  While my blood sugar and waistline have been eager for your removal, your absence from the candy bin will be noticed and mourned in my heart.

I hope that we can meet again next spring, post Easter, in the clearance bin once more.

Affectionately yours,


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