Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ever wonder

I was listening to "One Song at a Time" by Jamie Grace this morning (side note: I love her; she is so cute and crazy talented) and the first line says "The sun came out just for me today", which is a lovely lyric but it got me thinking about things like that.  Is it fair to say that God gave a sunny morning just for me?  Or rain if that's what I prayed for?  And then I started thinking, "What if more than one person in an area prayed for sunshine, or didn't but needed it anyways?  Say, a woman having her wedding or a mom planning an outdoor party for her kid, or someone who just needs some sunshine to boost their mood and make them a little happy?"  How cool is it that through just one thing, like sunshine on a Saturday, God is able to answer multiple prayers and fulfill multiple needs at once?  I bet He loves that about His job.  I love how stinkin' big He is.

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