Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In Which I Did Nothing

So this past Saturday the hubs was at a volleyball tournament all day.

Really, all day, you should see his spectacular sock tan line.  Hands down, best I have ever seen :)

Anywho, he took off early for that so I decided that I needed a day with no checklist, and no "have to"'s.  So that's what I did.  Ironically enough, I was uber productive the first two hours.  Did crazy amounts of stuff, including cleaning our crazy gross living room that was so cluttered really, a nomadic tribe could have been camping in there and I don't think that we would have known.  All that was done before 9 am -because yes, sadly, I usually am up at 7 or so even on weekends (blasphemous I know).

After that I watched episode after episode of "American Dreams" that I own on DVD, pausing only long enough to shower.  Then I watched a movie,  and my watched I mean it was on while I napped intermittently.  I was so immensely proud of myself for not tackling a long to-do list.  Even the things I accomplished weren't things that I had planned on doing or wanted to get done, so those all felt like bonuses.  The nap was nice, the laziness superb.  About 3 pm I started going a little stir crazy from lack of something to do and from lack of companionship as the hubs was still away working on that sock tan.  Fortunately for me, he showed up before 3:30 or else my mental status may have declined rather rapidly.

I am such a "get it done" person and I place high expectations on myself.  Sometimes I just need a day (or even half of one) where the expectations are put on hold and I let things just be what they are.  That includes un-checked to-do lists and unmade phone calls and dirty clothes and cluttered rooms.  Sometimes you need a nap or an innane tv show (or 3 or 6 or 12) :)

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