Friday, June 28, 2013

Today is your birthday!

Today is my friend Sarah's birthday!

This is a pic of me and Sarah from my wedding.  When you're wearing your white wedding dress and you want your mother-in-law's delish baked ziti, Sarah is the type of friend who goes and finds you a bib so that you can chow down without offending your dress with red pasta sauce.  She is rock star awesome.

Sarah and I met in college.  She was friends with Beth.  I was friends with Beth.  Beth was busy, so eventually Sarah and I hung out without Beth.  (We love Beth mind you, and are very thankful that it was through being friends with her that we found each other).

In college we shared many a good time, often revolving around food because that is how we roll...mmmm....rolls.  Rolls from O'Charley's were one of our many vices.

We enjoyed many a random road trip to Bham and tons of crazy moments that probably really weren't that funny but we laughed ourselves into hysteria anyways.

When Beth moved to Seattle and got married we flew out for her wedding.  We spent a crazy amount of time while in Seattle not exploring the city but instead staying in our sketchy hotel room eating Taco Bell and watching CSI.  I know, try to contain yourself at the mental image of all that debauchery and wildness.  We both will tell you, that was one of the best trips we've ever taken.

Sarah is the very definition of a good friend.  She is faithful and loyal.  She loves you even when you're the ugliest sinful version of yourself.  She is the type of friend you want because she holds you accountable and will confront you with your sin and tell you to not be stupid.  That is rare people!  Do you understand the value of a friend like that?

Sarah is the friend I go to with a crisis; the one I've called and said "Can I come to town today?" and she says to come and so I drive 4 hours and she listens to me cry and takes me to dinner.

Sarah is the friend I call for prayer, the one I go to when I need to vent and throw around curse words cause they make me feel better.  The friend who knows more about my mess than anyone.  She is a constant source of truth and encouragement.  She is the friend who can have vodka and doughnuts for dinner with and she does not judge.  Oh yes, you are jealous now for sure that I claim her for my BFF.

I've lost a lot of friendships since college, but I'm so thankful that God in His wisdom and goodness has allowed she and I to remain close.  She is the one of the first who found out I was engaged.  She will be one of the first to know when we have a baby.  She is one of my speed dials, and I only have three.

So, today I celebrate Sarah.  If I had the ability and means to throw her a parade and make her queen for the day, I would do it.  Her presence in my life is invaluable.  I'm glad that before time began, God dreamed her up, and that Jesus called her into being.  Happy, happy birthday my wonderful friend!

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