Monday, July 29, 2013

A very merry unbirthday...

I only get 30 minutes for my lunch break at work, which really isn't long enough to get anywhere in the part of town I work in.  Many days, I drive my car around the back of our building, park in the shade, roll down my windows, and read.  Last week I was doing just this and was parked right at the edge of our parking lot adjacent to some thickets.  I heard some birds and looked up and there were two birds just visible in the thicket.  

Birdie! Not the one I saw, but a cute one nonetheless

Birds delight me like few things do.  Somewhere in the span of the last couple of years my affinity for birds has grown, and I love watching them do their thing.  I was so captivated and would look up from my book frequently just to watch what they were doing.

As I watched I thought to myself what a gift this little bird show was.  The Bible tells us that God knows the whereabouts of us (Psalm 139) and of the birds (Matthew 10).  He didn't have to delight my heart with a bird show.  But He did.  Such a little gift but one that made me smile.  Amazing that the God of the universe takes the time and cares enough about what delights me that he arranged all of that just for my lunch break one day.  I too often lose sight of just how loving and capable He is.  My little feathered friends were a good reminder of how well He knows me, and how much he loves me.

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