Friday, July 5, 2013

In Which God is Like the DOT

Road Work

They have been repaving the main roadway here in town the past couple weeks and as I was driving on freshly paved asphalt this morning I started thinking.  They had grated the roads previously but this morning two lanes had been freshly paved overnight.  I was thinking about the people who paved roads and how often they work overnight so they can get roads done with the least amount of traffic to deal with (not to mention that this time of year they probably prefer paving in the cool of night as opposed to 90 degree heat and humidity during the day).  But I was thinking about how overnight the road got paved; all that work that happens while we are sleeping and then you go to work and voila, things are finished.  All that work going on that I didn't see resulted in the paved road I drove on this morning.

And I was thinking of how like God that is.  How He so often works overnight so to speak, accomplishing things that aren't happening right in front of us; things that we are unaware of.  John 5:17 tells us that God is always working, and his Son is also.  I think I so often forget this.  Because if I can't see it with my own human eyes, I tend to think that God is idle.  Lies!  God is always working, always piecing the story--my story--together.  And if the DOT could pave a long stretch of road in one night, just think of the things God could be accomplishing while I sleep at night.  Psalm 121:3-4 tells me that God does not sleep.  While I need rest, He keeps on going, always working, always building the story.

Sometimes I think that God isn't as type A as I am; that I am the queen of productivity and getting things done.  To which I think God replies, "Woman, please.  I am the essence of accomplishment.  I breathe and worlds get created.  I think a thought and it happens."  He is better at checking off a to-do list than I am.

So today, take heart.  Even at times and during seasons where you think that all has grown stale and nothing is happening, remind yourself of the truth of God's word and not the false truth of your circumstances.  He is always working, always busy putting things together and progressing the kingdom story, and that story includes your story and mine.  Rest tonight knowing that while you sleep and while your eyes can behold no work, that things are happening.  All the time.

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