Friday, July 26, 2013

Our the middle of our street

We are homeowners!!!

It seems so strange to say that, even though we've been on this journey for nearly a year now.  God certainly gave us a lesson in perseverance of faith!

We started looking at houses in August of last year.


We had a fair idea of what we wanted, nothing too specific.  Right away God put us in touch with our fantastic realtor, Laura.  It wasn't too long before we found a house we loved.  Before we could even get our offer in, the house sold.

This would become a familiar theme over the next several months.  When we did get offers in, they were never accepted even though we would offer above asking price.  One after another, we found a house we liked and our offers were never quick enough or high enough.

In April, we looked at a house that we really, really liked.  Everything we had been looking at in our price range was a split level (I swear there are millions of split level houses in Knoxville).  We loathe split level houses.  Why have a tiny living room upstairs and the "real" living room down?  I mean when I want to get a snack or drink while watching TV I don't want to have to travel upstairs!  It is tenets like these that are important to the Ungleich household.  That is how we roll.

This one was a basement rancher.  Great location. With a decent sized yard, something rare here in the city o'hills and steep grades.  So we got an offer together.  The next day I got a call from our realtor that it had already sold.

Of course it had.

So here we were again, back on the hunt.  The next week we had scheduled to go see another house with our realtor and a contractor friend of ours because it was a house that needed a lot of work.  Monday I got the call that of course, the house was already under contract.

So being me, I was sent into a fury of activity.  This was getting ridiculous.  It was April.  We had been looking and putting in offers for 8 months.  I went online and noticed that the basement rancher we had been interested in the previous week was back on the market.  I called the listing agent and she said that the house had been under contract but the buyers backed out and now it was coming back on the market.

Well sweet mercies!  I called our realtor who essentially erased the date of our offer from the previous week and practically sat by her computer until the house was "officially" back on the market to put our offer in.

The next day she calls me late afternoon and asked if I was driving.  I told her I was and she said "Don't wreck" and then proceeded to tell me our offer was accepted.

And I was not excited.

At all.

I know, anti-climactic and not what you were expecting.  But Dave and I were so jaded at this point we knew that until the keys were in hand, a lot could happen.

And it did.

Inspection went fine.  Then things fell apart.

Our original lender had told us that as long as the house appraised above what we were paying we would be fine.  The house appraised $25k above what we asked so we thought, no problem.  Turns out our original lender lied and decided (after some pretty unprofessional behavior) that they were going to pull the loan.  I found this out not from our lender but from our realtor.  Do you know how hard it is to be under contract on a house and be searching for a new lender all of a sudden when you find out on a Friday afternoon?

Interestingly enough, your financial situation isn't all that matters to get a loan.  For some reason which I do not understand, the condition of the home is more important than if I can pay for it.  (scratches head).  So the same bank that was comfortable offering us a loan for double our budget and way more than we could afford didn't want to offer us a tiny loan on a house that wasn't in pristine condition.  I could go on for days about how good people are not getting good houses because the system is rotten.  But I digress...

Anywho, long story short we got another loan and had many tense "they are going to pull the contract the not give you the house" moments because a whole lot more stuff happened in the weeks that followed.

We put our offer in on April 18th.  Closed on June 28th.  That is ridiculous on so many levels I cannot tell you.  I nearly had a coronary throughout the entire process.  The paperwork needed to buy a home requires about 2500 acres of trees and no one you work with is actually organized and has their crap together.  Madness I tell you.  I was ready to be a renter forever.

So, finally, we actually owned the sucker.  The day we closed Dave went to work and I went to the house to get the key out of the lockbox before the bank came and took their box.  I walked into the house, sank to my knees, and cried like a baby.  Oh, the steadfastness of God.  Sometimes I have to remember that if God appeared to the disciples in the storm it was to show them that storms happen and we'll be in them.  But he's always there.

So now, a new adventure begins.  The upstairs of this house is the double the square footage of where we've been living.  Dave and I plan on running races and having obstacle courses in all of our new space.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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