Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time does funny things

So, my little Chevy Cavalier has been a stellar car.  She's a 1999, has well over 200,000 miles, and -although she doesn't look as young as she used to--she still operates fairly well.

Cavaliers have a common cosmetic problem in that their dashboards get cracks fairly quickly and often.  Essie (as my car is named) got her first when I was in college; and then about my senior year a chunk of dashboard went missing--it had cracked and fallen down into the dash of my car.

Fast forward from 2004 to last week.

I am getting in my car and a piece of my dash hits my foot.  No big deal, as parts of my car are falling off fairly regularly at this point.  So I just toss it in the console.  I assume it's part of the side of my dash that falls off often and that I have to re-duct tape to get it to stay on.  So I get home and check and nope, not from there.  I look at the piece and notice its shape, and lo and behold, it is that first piece of dash that went missing years ago.

That thing was somewhere in my dash for 9 years, and it finally worked it's way out.  How wild is that?  Oh time, you really do mend all things :)

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