Friday, July 19, 2013

TV shows you need to be watching

So recently I told you how I just recently became a fan of Duck Dynasty.  Really, there are a handful of shows that I recently became a fan of.  I feel the need to enlighten the masses on good entertainment that they may be missing.

*sidenote:  I am a voracious reader but man, I really love TV.  I see all these people make comments about how they should just get rid of their tv cause they never watch it, and I know then that I will never be close friends with these people.

1.  BBC's Top Gear.
Oh the British and their wit!!  This show is about cars.  But, it's not a boring show about cars.  It involves three hilarious British guys and some wild shenanigans and oh my, it is just a good time.  Really, trust me. British have a one up on we Americans with their humor and sarcasm.  I started watching this with Dave but now will watch it even when he is not home.  Here is a bit of Top Gear goodness:

2.  Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid
Don't judge.  This show is a novelty for sure.  I mean, who wouldn't be entertained by 2 strangers surviving naked for 21 days together in an unforgiving and hostile environment?  Not me apparantly.

At first I mocked it when I saw the commercials run for it cause I thought my gosh that's just stupid.  Then I watched part of an episode and man, it is riveting!  These people are (mostly) hard core survivalists and it's interesting watching them make it 21 days in the wild.  Really gives you a respect for people who still live primitively or for our ancestors.  Here I get upset when my hairdryer stops working.  Definitely a show worth checking out.  (although be warned; while they blur out certain parts you're gonna see a lot of naked cheeks on this show, and I'm not talking about the ones on a person's face.  You've been warned)

3.  Discovery Channel's Fast'n'Loud
This show follows the Gas Monkey garage in Dallas as they buy old cars, refurb them, and sell them at auction.  (Can you tell my husband is a car guy?).  I like the show because the people on it are very entertaining.

Not to mention, classic cars are gorgeous.  I know nothing about cars, but I like ones that are pretty.

4.  Tru TV's Impractical Jokers
Four best friends who dare each other to do the most outrageous stuff.  This is like grown up Truth or Dare with finesse.  These guys are hilarious.  Seriously, if you need to unwind, watch this show.

Happy TV watching!!

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