Friday, August 9, 2013

Adventures in Home Ownership

Want an idea of what it's like to move into a fixer upper?  Here you go!

(side note:  I have discovered that not everyone has the same definition of "fixer upper" that I do.  I've heard people refer to fixer uppers as houses that need granite counter tops put in and ones that need bathroom faucets changed out to something more attractive.  That is not a fixer upper.  That is a "make it what you want it".  I don't get how people don't understand this.  It's like girls who got married at 24 but who talk about how they remember how hard those "years of waiting" were.  Woman, please.  Get some perspective.)

Anywho....enough of that rabbit trail.  Here are some pics of the past month:

Holy Hole Patch Batman!  This is just one of many instances where we have asked of the previous owners, "What the heck were they doing?"

This is what happens to my face when I prime.  My husband was astounded at my ability to get paint and primer everywhere.  Interesting to note that oil based primer is not easily removed.  Best exfoliation I've ever had happened every night trying to get that stuff off of me.

I mean really, I'm not kidding.  Everywhere.  

We have a jungle for a front flower bed and there are blackberries in there.  So random.  

Carpet!!!  It's amazing how much carpet makes a house feel more like a home.  We splurged an extra $200 to get the memory foam floor pad.  Sooooo worth the money.

I will admit I made carpet angels the first night this was installed.

I had to paint my toenails to cover the white primer spots that did not come off.  Which prompted my husband to ask why in the world did I prime in flip flops?  To which my response was, if Jesus wore open toed shoes, so will I!  Actually, I didn't say that, but that would have been a good thing to say, yes?

Words cannot describe how nasty this house was.  Our master shower/tub was the worst thing in the house.  Here is the before.  
Here it is after.  You can't tell by this picture but trust me when I tell you it is much, much cleaner.  And disinfected.  About 6 times.  

Ah, the UT room.  Are we UT fans?  Not one bit.  So we went from this...

to this.  Behr's "Ionic Sky", which is an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue.  Love, love it.  

Cause when you need to boil water to clean out your drains and your stove isn't installed where you want it, you just move it close enough to a plug and improvise.  And take a pic of your hubs in a "witch's brew" pose.  Cannot wait to use this new stove by the way.  Where we rented had  a baby half-sized stove. This beauty will delight me to no end.
Bald head and late July sun are not a good combination so he improvised a head cover.  My stars, he's hot.  I get to be married to this fine male specimen.  A heart of gold and he looks that jealous.

Home sweet home!  So, so much to do still.  Our to-do list could fill a 3-ring binder.  But as jealous as I've been tempted to be of those who just pick out their new paint colors and move right in, there is something wholly satisfying about doing your own work on your own house.  Hope we continue to feel that way!

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