Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Basement Update

By far, the basement was the thing in our house that needed the most attention.  Water had been finding it's way in and the previous owners evidently didn't care and my stars, it was so bad down here. Mold coming out of the woodwork...literally.  Plus the previous owners had kept their dogs down there and according to the neighbors never let them out to use the bathroom.

Mmm....dog urine and mold are a fantastic combination of smells.

Now, I am happy to report, it looks completely different.  Thanks to a knowledgeable contractor with some mold remediation experience, it no longer smells like Satan's butt in our basement.

I don't have but two before pics because honestly it smelled so bad down there I didn't wanna go down there to do it.  Here are the only 2 before shots I have:

Standing water was in here when we first saw it.  As cool as an indoor swimming pool sounds, we decided we had best take care of it.  

I walked in here the first time and told Dave that I felt that I was on the set of "That 70's Show"

And here are the pics after:

All the mold is gone thanks to our fantastic contractor. And now we have nice new drywall, that is actually dry.

This is the downstairs bedroom which had visible mold growing up one wall...and in which a child was living while the mold was present.  What are people thinking???

Downstairs bathroom/laundry area

Oh so you noticed the wallpaper in the previous pic?  Here is a close up.  Classy does not even come close to describing.  I mean who wouldn't want toilet print wallpaper in their bathroom?

This girl, that's who.  This will be a room to address at a later time. 

When we first saw the house there were mushrooms growing in this little place under the stairs.  I'm telling you people, fixer upper is what we bought!  All gone now.  Again, our contractor is amazing!

I'm not really a fan of fireplaces, but we decided to keep this one just so Santa has a way to get into our house.


  1. Basement is one room that needs the homeowner's attention the most. And when I read dog urine + molds, I knew it will take a while for your basement's full recovery. But knowing you found a contractor who's well-experienced in dealing with molds, you can be rest assured your house will be mold-free soon. Sabrina Benson @ DocAir.com

  2. I do not even want to imagine the smell when you first ventured down there to check the damage. How were they able to live there with all that mold without getting sick? And the poor dogs! It’s a miracle they even passed the inspection for selling the house in the first place.

    But that’s all in the past now, as you’ve already managed to clean up and patch up most of the problems in the basement. Your contractor must’ve been one heck of a magician to get that all done in a short period of time.


  3. It’s a good thing that your contractor really knew what he was doing. It would have been disastrous later on if you had to deal with that moldy basement and the stench it entails wafting up into your living area and kitchen. Hopefully there aren’t any problems that was missed during the renovation. Cheers!