Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bathrooms and vents

The bathrooms have been my most recently painted rooms.  We have major renovations planned for the bathrooms long term, but for now our goal was to just "prettify" them.

Here is the main bath before:

Not bad, just a bright shade of blue with bright green trim and these little Nemo fish decals that I don't think were actually intended to be stuck to the tub because I tried everything short of fire to get those puppies (or should I say guppies...oooo bad joke) off of there.  Here is the main bathroom now:

I found a gallon of "oops" paint at Home Depot in a khaki-ish color for $7. As the color was normal (a lot of times they have purple or pink or something else really bizarre) and we don't care what color this room is, I snatched it up.

 It looks darker in these pics than it does in person.

The master bath was in the worst shape of any of the rooms on the main floor.  Here it is before:

Tiny, nasty, and bright bright red.  It also smells like a Marlboro factory.  Forget that it kills you, people shouldn't smoke because it makes your house reek.  We have a lot of work to do on this room but I got it painted and a shower curtain up and that helps it a ton:

I used leftover paint from our office that I love so much.  Please pardon my dirty clothes on the floor.  As none of them are underwear, I figured it was safe to show the world.

Here is the very attractive light fixture.  Sometimes I get into the whole Arabian Nights theme of it and sing "A Whole New World" with gusto while I dry my hair.  We have a new medicine cabinet going in here that has lights so eventually this baby will go.  As you can tell, we need to redo the ceiling, which hopefully will help with the horrendous smoke smell that I cannot get out of this room.

So those of you on Pinterest know how every blogger and her cousin's twin rave about Rustoleum Rubbed Bronze spray paint?  Well, they have a ton of other colors too.  Flat Burnished Amber is quite pretty too.  I used it to spray all of our vent registers--they look so good now!

I've always wanted a linen closet.  In college I remember a friend of mine saying how badly she wanted the doctor's lab coat and another that she wanted  corner office.  Me, a linen closet.  To each his own I suppose.  Enter joy here:

We are still on big projects and so not at the details part of our list yet, as seen by the stacks of picture frames and other decorative things that we are not ready for still stacked in our living room.

I searched for 20 minutes this past weekend for the rest of our towels, wondering where in the world they all could be.  Then it dawned on me that I had used them to wrap picture frames and other breakables in, and all of those things are still in boxes.  Planning fail.  We'll just drip dry for a few more weeks...

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