Monday, August 12, 2013

How boys are boys no matter their age

Here are examples of how a boy's thinking is universal no matter his age.

Last night I was babysitting 3 little boys and observed the following:

1.  The youngest who is 2 is being potty trained and had a stack of reading material he had placed beside his plastic potty chair.  I'm not sure what it is in male DNA that makes them sit and read while they are on the toilet, but evidently it is inherent and starts young.

2. During bath time, the 4 year old took a plastic bath toy in the shape of a star, stuck it on his, shall we say "manliness", then told me to look and boldly declared it is "favorite body part".  I wondered how many college age boys will utter the same exact phrase and give theirs a star this semester.

Could hardly contain myself.  Boys will be boys!

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