Thursday, August 15, 2013

My favorite Pinterest recipes

I've heard some girls talk about how they pin all these things on Pinterest but never actually make them or do anything with them.  Get with it women!  I have found some of the yummiest recipes on Pinterest!  I was going to do a top 5 overall but realized it was probably best to do a Top 5 dinner post and then a separate Top 5 dessert post.  So, to start, here are my top 5 Pinterest dinner recipes.

1.  Classic Lasagna

This lasagna recipe is the one of the best things I have ever made. I love lasagna but had never stumbled upon a recipe I really loved, even though I've tried oodles of them.  This one is fantastic; a bit labor intensive (I find it's easier if I mix up the sauces and brown the meat the day before so I don't feel so overwhelmed with it).  It's not a hard recipe, just a time consuming one but oh. so. worth. it.

2.  Spaghetti and Meatballs

I used to think you could have spaghetti without meatballs, but then I married a man who requires meat so I went on the hunt for a good meatball recipe.  I hate fatty meatballs that taste slimy and I hate frying them the way my mom did because they get all charred on the outside.  Enter this recipe.  Easy peasy and yummy meatballs.  Win.

3.  Baked sweet and sour chicken with fried rice

Usually I make a big batch of something to take to work on Mondays to last as my lunch all week long. I do salads a lot but thanks to some persnickety (yes, that's a word ya'll) gallstones I can't eat salad more than a couple weeks in a row, so I have to have a filler.  Enter this comfort food at it's best.  I have to be careful with this because of the soy sauce (I need to find some MSG free soy sauce...can we say migraine trigger?), but it is super easy to make and super tasty.  Don't let the "baked" fool you though; it's not that healthy.

4.  Maple Brown Sugar Ham

A Crockpot is practically a life necessity in my opinion.  This easy recipe is so good!  Great for Easter, Sunday dinners, Grandparent's Day, whatever!  Soooo yummy!  (side note:  make these rolls to go with it.  You will not be sorry).

5.  Lemon Garlic Chicken

Best marinade ever.   Five minutes to make, let it marinade overnight (at least).  Grill it up.  Perfection.  Better if you cut your chicken into strips...the smaller they are (not too small or they'll fall through the grill) the more they can soak up the marinade.

Happy eating!

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