Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adventure in Home Ownership- What we've been up to lately

We've lived in the house a month now, which is weird because in some ways it feels like we've been living there for so much longer.  Weird how the transition from our old house to this one was so seamless.  I haven't missed the old house at all.

So here's what we've been up to lately:

The monstrosity of a hot tub.  Our contractor had quite the adventure getting this puppy out.  It weighed a ton.   

And left a gaping hole in the deck that our home insurance people weren't so thrilled about.  I mean really, I understand it,'s a hazard but if someone's dumb enough to fall into a hole that big I really think they deserve what's coming to them.  Hubs fixed it up and now we have a convenient shelf underneath the deck to hide bodies if the situation calls for it.

Ah, living on subfloor in the kitchen and dining room got old pretty quickly.  

So we bought some flooring.  And discovered that laying down linouleum is something we never want to do again.  It was rolled the wrong way we needed it so we had to unroll it in the dining room, which it was way bigger than.  Horrid experience I tell you.  Never again.

Ah, but now we have flooring!  Love this blue color on my kitchen wall by the way.  Now we have to finish the trim, fill some nail holes, and touch up the paint and my kitchen can be put together again.  

No more subfloor!  My toes are happy!

Slowly we're going through the stuff  piled in the garage and getting it sorted.  Came across this little guy which brings back good college memories.  I had some crazy friends at Auburn!

We weren't too keen on storing boxes over 4 inches of drywall dust so I scrubbed this floor until I could actually see it.  Amazing what a good old mop and some elbow grease can do!

Sometimes the level of disorganization we have going on stresses me out just a wee bit.  So to make myself feel better I organized my laundry products.  I'm telling you people, I am nuts, and there are few things in life a well organized space  can't fix for me.

No more baby Ethan!  Our contractor is finally finished.  Well, at least until we have him do stage 2 renovations, which won't be for a couple of years.

The current mess in the garage.  It's a good thing we don't have kids or else we probably would have lost one down there.  As it is, if you are missing a medium sized animal or a child, feel free to come dig through this and see what you find.

Painting trim!

We Ungleichs are good at destressing with food.  Here is the hub's bowl of ice cream.  Note the normal sized bowl on the left for a comparison.  Go big or go live somewhere else is what say.

I made the most delicious cheesecake the other day.  I won't tell how many days it took us to eat it, as the low number would surely make you all think badly of us.  


  1. Three things:

    1. I know that red chair! Ahhhh such good memories! I'm glad you are using it in your kitchen!

    2. The new flooring looks AMAZING! Your hard work surely paid off!

    3. I too have Fiesta Ware. We are definitely related!!

    1. The entire room was planned around that chair :) Good memories!! Wish you were here to eat grated cheese with me in my kitchen!