Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August recap

How is it September already?  We only have about a month left of summer and I don't like it one bit.  Have you noticed it's already getting darker so much sooner than it did a month ago?  Sigh...I feel like we missed so much of this summer because of working on the house (mostly inside of it) nonstop.

We got a lot done in August.  House wise we:
1.  Moved in
2.  I painted the kitchen
3.  We put flooring down in the kitchen and dining room (pics to come soon on that)
4.  The basement is finished!  We started putting that space together which is helping the other rooms come together as stuff to be stored in the basement is everywhere.

We have a long to-do list for September including finishing trim in the dining room and kitchen, painting the dining room, putting in new toilets upstairs, and getting rooms organized.  I would love to get to the point where we are putting pictures up on the walls.  As it is, we've just had too many other projects to tackle to get to stuff like that.

We have some traveling coming up in September so hopefully we'll be able to get through the list.  Admittedly it's hard for me and my type-a-must-have-everything-in-order to live in a house that has so much going on at once.  Bit by bit I keep telling myself.

We have our first house guests in August, and our first group over to eat Hoffman hotdogs and watch the Syracuse game.  Love that even though we are a mess, we are having people fill up our house. That is my desire and prayer for this house of ours; that God would bless it and fill it.  That it would be a place of community and of building up people.  May he fill it as he sees fit!

In other news, I have challenged myself to read all the books on my Goodreads 'To Read' Shelf before I add more books to it.  This is a challenge to me.  There are 44 books on the list.  There were 45 and I have already read one.  Plus I am about to start "Catching Fire" again so I can refresh my mind before the movie comes out, and that one's not on the list but is getting read anyways.  Let's see how much progress I can make in September!

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