Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Book review: Attachments

Ya'll, this book was just so darn cute.

It's written in such an unconventional way.  The story is about two coworkers, Beth and Jennifer, and their emails back and forth.  And it's about Lincoln, the guy hired to read interoffice email and make sure everyone is following the rules.  He gets caught up in the back and forth between Beth and Jennifer. It's interesting because some chapters are just the email back and forth and then others are about Lincoln and his struggle find life after grad school, living with his mom and wondering what to do with himself.

I loved this.  I loved how it was told and how you get to know Beth and Jennifer the same way Lincoln does, through their email.  The ending is simply to die for cute.  Loved it.  It was funny, and witty, and gives a pretty accurate look at the inner workings of the brain of a "delayed adult".  It gives hope too.  And totally crushes the lie that just because you haven't found a career and "the one" at 24 that it's never gonna happen.

Read it!

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