Monday, September 16, 2013

Hall Closet

We have a hall closet now, which excites me more than it probably should.  In our old house there was nowhere good to hang your jacket which made it really interesting in winter because I have an inability to get warm and require more layers than a parfait.

Up until this weekend the hall closet was where we were storing paint and paint brushes and outlet covers and wax ring kits for toilets and big containers of odor-ban and well, you get the picture.  So I cleaned it out and moved stuff to other parts of the house (because really, that is the only organization going on-I just move stuff from one area I want to be clean and add it to the clutter somewhere else).

Ah, all cleared out.  And gross.  Do you see all those marks on the wall?  

This part used to have carpet on it.  Which didn't make sense to us.  And it was gross and smelled (just like the rest of the carpet throughout the house) so we got rid of it. Eventually we'll put a linoleum remnant down there.  

Some leftover paint and ten minutes, and there you go.  Much better.

Love it.  It's deep enough to hide a cache of weapons if you needed to.  Or all the layers that my "I don't do winter" self requires.  Whichever.  

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