Friday, September 27, 2013

Kitchen Art

So if you read this you more than likely know me, which means you are well aware that I am a big dork.  And totally okay with it.  Think not?  Please, meet me for coffee.  I will prove it! :)

We don't have any pictures or anything up on our walls yet (we are getting there, people).  I had found some cute prints on Pinterest that were free that I printed our and last Friday when I was home just noticed that I had a spare green frame that matched the print.  Add a little washi tape to pick up the colors in my kitchen and bam.  Kitchen art.

Washi tape is wonderful.  It's like crafting for dummies.

Total quirk, yes?  I love it.  It's not hanging yet, but it's going to be.  And people will see it and either laugh or think we're bonkers.  I shall smile every time I see it.  :)

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