Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was bliss.  And I'll tell you why.

I ended up taking Friday off because of car issues which we at first were going to attempt to resolve that day but then didn't, but I've had a rough few weeks at work so decided just to take the day off anyways seeing as how I couldn't drive my car and all.

Wanna know how I de-stress?  I get things done.  No hot baths and books and days of doing nothing.  Those things are great, but if I'm super dooper stressed they don't do a thing.  Progress, that's what I love.  Burn through to-do lists, smash down projects.  That's how I roll.  This was something fully disclosed to my husband before we got married so don't go feeling sorry for him.  He knew what he was getting into.

So I got lots done Friday.  And then we got lots done Saturday.  And then Sunday turned into a total Gimme Day where I baked and took a nap and a bath and watched TV an awful lot.  Loved it all.

The big news from the weekend is that our rooms are starting to look like what they are supposed to be.  It's pretty grand I tell you.

Our dining room furniture is actually in our dining room. I don't think I can convey how much this dining room makes me happy.   In our old house, these chairs were stored in closets, in corners, on top of things, etc.  The dining room table barely fit in its nook and that was without the leaf in it.  Now, we have room not only for all of this, but Dave and I can run circles around it if we wanted to.  I'm not saying that we didn't do that either.  
And it's not even done yet.  That wallpaper is so coming down and the whole thing is getting repainted.  You just wait.  It's going to be great.  And the table will no longer serve as storage for things but we can actually use it for strange and new things like eating off of it.  

Here is our spare bedroom and it actually looks like a bedroom now and not a storage unit.  

Well, minus the two toilets and the medicine cabinet.  But still, you have to admit it looks a lot like a bedroom, right?  Right.

This little baby is going to replace the gaudy chandelier that is currently in our dining room.  $35 for this, and one father in law who is coming soon to install it.  He doesn't know this yet, as I have saved my to-do list for him as a sort of gift.  Some people put gift baskets or containers of snack food out for their guests.  We give them things to do.  I know you will all be beating the door down now to want and come stay with us.  

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