Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In which happiness is a dishwasher

So, our house was built in 1970.  We have reason to believe (namely, because my father in law thinks it, and it looks it), that the dishwasher that was in our house is original, and circa 1970 as well.  The thing worked, though I use the word "worked" the way you would if you were to say that people in Congress work.  You know, stuff happens but none of it is really productive, and it takes a lot of time and costs a lot.

I have been praying that God would provide us with a new (to us) dishwasher and I kept praying that we would find one for $75 or less.  And then I found this little beauty for sale, and do you know how much it was?  

That's right, $75.  


This lovely little lady is a Fisher and Paykel.  She has 2 drawers instead of one that you can run independent of each other.  So say you want to run just a small load, well, you can.  The racks are all adjustable so you can fit as much in there as possible.  It's pretty amazing.  

Ah, so lovely.  You can fit so much in there!  She was used for less than a year and then the people remodeled so she lived in the garage for about 5 years until we adopted her and brought her home.  Wanna hear something crazy?  THIS DISHWASHER RETAILS FOR NEARLY $1100 DOLLARS!!

That's right people.  God gave us a super high end, $1100, barely used dishwasher for $75.  And brought my father in law conveniently to us right after we bought it to install it (had to do some rewiring).  Bam.  

A dishwasher isn't a big thing.  We had to hand wash a lot of dishes because the old one wasn't getting things cleaned.  Hand washing dishes isn't that big of a deal.  But believe me, moving into a reno house and trying to do a million and one jobs around the house after working your 8 hour day, and then having to hand wash a ton of dishes on top of that is a bit exhausting.  I'm thankful that this will save me some time and effort.

It may sound silly to some, but I have to say that praying for a dishwasher (such a small and unnecessary thing) and seeing God bring about something way more than what we expected is good for my soul.  Because sometimes we forget that he is good; that he cares; that he is capable of exceeding our expectations.  

He is capable of taking care of things.  If he can work out a really nice dishwasher, I think he can safely handle the bigger things.  All these things that I pray for, the big prayers, the ones that roll around between me and Jesus a dozen times a day--well, they mean more to him than a dishwasher.  And I mean so much to him that even though it's just a dishwasher, he did it just to make me happy.

You know, if someone had told me when I was 16 that one day I would be overly excited to get a dishwasher, well, let's be honest, I probably could have imagined it cause I have been hardwired to be Susie Homemaker my whole life.  But, I would not have understood it completely.  

Happiness is a dishwasher.  At a great price.  And family to install it for you.  And Jesus who, bizarrely enough, cares about us.  About our jobs and our friendships and our health.  About traffic and headaches and the flu and dishwashers.  

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