Monday, October 21, 2013

Picture this

So, I have been dying to get some pictures out so Sunday afternoon I drug them all out (minus the really large ones still propped against the wall in the living room) and laid them all out in the back bedroom.  This is the current mess I am dealing with.

This is only part of them.

Ah, there's more.

I have pictures and picture frames coming out of my ears, and I am having a hard time figuring out what I want to put where.  I think I've figured out what's going in our bedroom.  But the living room has tons of space and then there's the hallway to think about, and do I want anything in the dining room?  The tricky part is that in our old house we had a mantle and the way furniture was we had more space for tabletop frames.  Here that's not the case so I'm having to rethink how I want things as some of these frames can't be hung up.  It's a fun project that's going to turn into a pretty involved one because while I'mm figuring things out I am switching out and updating photos and I'm going to end up repainting quite a few of these.  So many decisions!  Plus we haven't figured out exactly the lay out of the living room so I don't want stuff on the walls until we get furniture figured out.  For now, I have about 4 weeks until we have guests who will need this bed and room.  I just need to get it figured out before then!

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