Friday, October 11, 2013

Thoughts on Life: Paring Down

I was reading a blog a while back (forgive me now that I can't remember where this originally came from), and came across this:

How can I be faithful to the people God has placed in my midst? 
How can I be faithful to the purpose God designed me to pursue?

It resounded so loudly inside of me because it was just the reminder I needed to keep things small.

I am an idea person, and a go go go person.  I constantly have to be doing something, planning something, reading something, studying something, etc, etc, etc.  (insert voice of Yul Brynner on that last part).  And I get carried away sometimes with everything that I want to do and everything that I am trying to do, that sometimes, I am not doing what I need to, which is to focus.

Lately one of my prayers is that God would give Dave and I community at church.  We have amazing friends, but most of them live out of state and so I wanted some people close by.  I kept praying that God would give us new people.  And then I read that statement above and the Holy Spirit got hold of me and convinced me that instead of searching for people, I need to be faithful to the people I already have.  Which isn't to say that God won't provide some new people, but I needed to be reminded to focus on what I already have.  

God used those two sentences to give me pause. And as I've prayed over them these past few weeks I've been convicted to stop looking for new relationships when I have plenty to tend to.  To stop looking for new projects and instead to focus on the one or two God has given me right now.  To stop looking for new ways to serve when I have oodles of opportunities already in front of me.

I think as Christians we often need this reminder.  To stop looking outside of our current situation and to see what God has already brought there.  Sometimes of course he will be calling us outside of our present situation.  But I think that often we overlook the thing right in front of us, maybe because we are looking for something bigger or better, or maybe just because we aren't expecting it to look the way it does.

So my prayer now is that I would be faithful to what God has already given me.  Faithful to the people, the projects, the prayers He has already given.  I think sometimes one of the sneaky ways the devil works is to keep us distracted, overwhelming us with so many things and ideas that we miss what's right in front of us.  I feel like God should have included, "Keep it simple, stupid" in the Bible somewhere, but as it is, He has given us His spirit to tell us that, if only we'll listen.

So what about you?  How can you be faithful to the people God has already given?  How can you be faithful to the purpose God designed for you this season of life?  

Narrow down.  


Following Jesus often involves less of a to do list than what we think.  Keep it simple, focus on what is right around you, and keep walking.

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