Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thoughts this morning

So my latest project has been trying to get picture frames redone and figure out what rooms I want what frames in.  I've been mostly focusing on the master bedroom first because I have a good idea of what I want in there and the colors are pretty limited so it's the easiest to work with.  I have these two poems that I wrote that I have framed in our bedroom. The colors I had used to put them on and for the background in our old house totally clashes with the blue in our bedroom now so I redid them.  I was able to use just papers and things I had on hand to redo them, which I love because that means one less errand and less money.  I am definitely of the mindset of "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!" Well, mostly.  :)

Anyways, while I was at it I used some of the same paper to redo three little frames that I had and wanted to switch out.  I took them into the bedroom to see how they would look and loved them.  The colors go so well with our wall color and will add so much to the space.  I'll get them up on the walls soon.

It was one of those fulfilling projects where I had this rough idea in mind of what I thought it would look like and it turned out so much better.  And it didn't cost me because I used things I already had.  And as looked at the pictures propped against the wall and was so pleased it reminded me again of the goodness of God.

God is so big.  But I think we forget how close and intimate he can be.  To say that God is small doesn't sound right, but I guess that's what I mean.  I forget that while He holds the world in His hands He also is small enough to bless me with a fulfilling craft project and cute backgrounds for poems that will hang on the walls in our room.  Such a little thing, but I was just so overwhelmed with how good God is to me.  To us.  To his bride.

I think I forget this more often that I realize.  Sometimes I carry around burdens I shouldn't.  And I catch myself falling back into that ancient line of thinking that God is holding out.  That He's not really good.  That He's not going to give me things.

Lies, ancient as the world.

Because if God is good enough to bless me with a pretty decoration for my wall, isn't he not just capable of but inclined to give me so much more?  Why is it that we as a church make him out to be such a miser?  He gives more than we give him credit for.

I'm thankful for His reminder of His smallness.  Because somehow it reminds me of His bigness.  It's like when people got all worked up about Kate Middleton goofing around with some people playing volleyball last week (in heels no less).  Somehow that little thing made her seem more like a princess.  Because it made her seem more real or accessible.  And it endears her to people.  God being small is like that.  It reminds me how accessible and relational He is.  Here is this God of power and glory, touching my life with goodness in the tiniest of ways.

Sometimes we need to see God through a telescope, to see the depths and vastness of His glory and all that He is capable of.  Sometimes though, we need a microscope.  To glimpse Him in the smallest of things.

Today I'm thankful for the big and small of Him, and everything in between.

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