Friday, November 29, 2013

Ode to Lacy

So today is my friend Lacy's birthday!

Lacy and I met...gosh, 6 years ago?  7?  I'm not even sure.  We were in the same small group together at church.  She is one of the best friends God has ever given me, and I cannot imagine having gone through the past few years without her friendship.

Lace is the very definition of a good friend.  She is faithful and kind, and able to empathize in a way that is truly a gift.

She is the type of friend who puts your needs above her own.  Case in point, when the same jerk wad who broke her heart just a few weeks prior broke mine too, she was the one I called.  And she was the one who came over to my house and cried with me and sat with me.  Do you get that?  She had just had her heart broken by this same person, and she came right over late at night after he had been a jerk to me.  Yeah. She's awesome.  Selfless and loving, and forgiving.

And did I mention awesome?

Lace and I bonded over that.  And over Disney movies and Icees.  We both worked as nannies and she's the one I would call and open by saying "How long would they put me in jail for if I threw this child out the window??!!"  and she totally got it.

I drove out to Texas with her when she moved.  I still remember where in Knoxville I was driving when she called to tell me she was engaged.  I still remember what it was like when she called to tell me she was pregnant.

The day that Dave and I first kissed (which was my first kiss ever) I called Lace in my excitement and rambled on for the longest time about it, completely forgetting that that day was also her birthday.

She didn't say a word, just let me enjoy sharing that first kiss.

Did I mention that she's awesome?

I love that even though we are so many miles away now, that we stay close.  That we talk almost weekly.  That she is the person I text when I need immediate prayer.  That she is the person I call when I am in a crisis or just need to vent.  I know that I could tell her anything, and she would love me and still be my friend.

I love that over the years we have prayed for husbands, and seen God bring them.  That we have prayed for answers, and doors to open, and windows to close, and hearts to change...and seen them all happen.  I love seeing God work through the life of my friend.  She has found favor with him, and I am so blessed to know her.

So happy birthday my dear, sweet friend!  My life is better because you are in it.  I am so thankful for you!

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