Thursday, November 14, 2013

On our way to slaughter, but it will be sunny

So tonight we are leaving for sunny Florida.  

Hubs and I have tickets to the Syracuse/FSU game on Saturday.  If you know anything about college football this season you know that the game will be a slaughter. FSU will wipe their noses with Syracause.

But we will be in sunny Florida, which makes it easier to bear (at least for me).

We get to see one of our friends in Chattanooga which is very exciting.

My friend who lives in Tallahassee that I have not seen in...five years?  (Five!) will sadly be out of town.  Which makes me very sad.

But, regardless of that, we will have a good time.

Hopefully :)

It's been such a crazy week. I've felt a little under the weather all week so haven't gone to the gym or felt like doing much.  And you can tell.  Our house is a mess.  My car looks like a tornado ran through it.  I can't find my cell phone today (which is rare for me to lose...where is that sucker?)  I babysat last night for a couple who went to the Eagles concert here in town.

They got home at 12:30.

Which means I got home at 1 AM.

On top of that my brain has been strung out as if on crack this week.  I've started writing the sequel to my book and ya'll, it is intense.  And it's built up so much in my brain because earlier this week I finally pieced together my outline and then it was like fireworks going off in my brain:  dialogue and events and sequences all flashing through, keeping me from sleeping all week (boo!).

I really like my sleep.

So I've been working to get all of this things out of my head and stitched together in some semblance of order, making notes of things so I can go back and write them later.  I'm a little bit nutso when I get like this; so many story elements flying through my head.  The only relief is to catch them and make them mind by putting them on paper.

For now, we are off for a long weekend where hopefully I've written enough and I can be away from story long enough that my brain finally quiets down and I can sleep.

And if not, well, there will be sunshine. :)

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