Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some thoughts on happiness

So, lately I've been thinking about being happy.  And about what that looks like.

I used to think that happiness was a final destination.  Something you achieved or got to when things are settled or resolved in some way.

But last week I realized how happy I was.  And how there are some big things I'm in the middle of, and things that need to be restored and resolved.  There are things I have questions about and things going on that I'm not sure how they'll turn out.  There are things unsettled.  Not all things.  Just some things.

I guess I feel very much in the middle.  Not everything is roses and rainbows.  And so many things are up in the air.

But I'm so happy.

And it took me by surprise to realize it.  Not that I thought that I was miserable before or anything.  I think I just had this idea in my head that being happy was an event, like graduating or getting married or arriving at your vacation destination.  But it's not.

You can be happy in the middle of uncertainty and big, scary things happening.

Happiness is not determined by place or circumstance.  It's not confined by those things either.

So here's to being happy no matter where you are, or how in the middle of things you feel.

Find happiness where you are today.

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