Monday, November 11, 2013

Wallpaper Woes

So last weekend I hallucinated.  I had this idea that I would tear down wallpaper in our dining room and paint all in one weekend.  Obviously I was delusional.

I painted the bottom portion and the trim and that went well.

And then there was the wallpaper.  I had tugged at a corner and it came up relatively easy.

See this?  That is deception.

Lovely, yes?  Exactly.  This stuff had to go.
So, I had my wallpaper dissolving fluid, a scorer, and a scraper.  They say this is all you need.


Here is what you really need:
Some of this.  Probably a lot of it.

One of these. 

And this.

I kid.


'Cause the problem with wallpaper that's been on your wall for 30 or so years is that it's gotten kinda cozy where it is and it doesn't want to come off.  Ever.  I mean really, the military should find a way to use this stuff as a weapon because it will either kill you or drive you insane.  Forget bamboo shoots up the fingernails, make someone try to deal with this, and I guarantee you they will start talking.  I am sending an email to the CIA with this recommendation.

Anyways, so after about the 20th coat of dissolving liquid it finally started moving.  And it did this:

Yes, it took my drywall with it.  Evidently they got married sometime in the midst of the wallpaper's lifetime here and could not be separated.  Fabulous.
So, after many, many hours of spraying and scoring and scrubbing and spewing forth some very unladylike and unrighteous language, I finally started making progress.

Finally, wall paper free walls!  

The walls look pretty bad, but I am hoping we can salvage what is there.  

So, it's still going to take a while because there is so much residue left on the walls that is so so hard to get off.  I did discover that white vinegar works just as well as the $16 bottle of dissolving stuff I bought at Home Depot.  So we'll use that from now.  It's cheaper.  And not going to give me cancer (double win!)

Once the walls are finally gunk free (which is going to take quite a while), then I'm going to putty and sand and see if I can make our bumpy walls a little smoother before I paint.  According to my calculations the walls will be done and painted about the time our kid enters kindergarten.

And we don't have a kid.

Baby steps.  I come home a couple nights a week and scrape away while blaring music.  It makes for a good time.  And is a good way to get rid of pent up aggression.

I still may end up burning the place down.

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