Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why Our Christmases Will be Over the Top

I know there are a lot of different opinions on parenting, and on what is right and what is best.  Especially among Christians.  This isn't meant to be a judgement or condemnation of those who do things different.  

This is just me explaining what we plan to do and why.

I know lots of people who have really embraced the whole idea of a simple Christmas.  Less spending.  Less gifts.  Less commercialism.

That's great.  We certainly as a culture have lost the idea of what the season is really for.

I know people who give their kids three gifts because Jesus got three gifts.  I know others who adhere to the "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read" idea.  And there is nothing wrong with those things.  At all.  I have friends who do things like this and I have listened to the reasoning and wisdom behind it, and have heard them explain how they will use these things to help emphasize Jesus.  And that's awesome.

That is not how we are going to do it.

Christmas will be HUGE in our house.  Our kids will have stockings heaped full of goodness.  And gifts coming out of their ears.  Christmas morning will be big and loud and messy.

And extravagant.

No, we will not spend a fortune.
Yes, we will keep Christ first.
Because here's what I think and why I want to do it:

I want my kids to know that no one celebrates like God does.  And that no should celebrate more than His people.

I want them to know that God is not always practical.  That He blesses us beyond measure.

And we will not have an Elf on the Shelf to try to manipulate our children into good behavior.  Because we want our kids to know that even though we try to be good, that gifts and blessings aren't based on behavior.  You cannot always earn them.

We will let them believe in Santa, because I want my children to know that magic is real.  And that some things cannot be explained, but simply can be believed in.  And that life is fun and beautiful.

We will read the Nativity story and I hope we can make it come alive for our children.  We will bake a birthday cake for Jesus just like my mom did for us when I was small.  We will give and be thankful.  We will sing and dance and have colored paper and a tacky, beautiful tree and it will be loaded down with presents.  Because sometimes, you need to stop trying to earn it.  You need to stop trying to be more, to be better.  And you need to experience an all out extravagant display.  Because my goodness, isn't that what Christmas was?  What Jesus coming for us was?  The ultimate, whoa baby, I cannot believe I got this, good thing.



And Jesus always loved a good party.

So, that's why our Christmases will be an all out, over the top affair.  So someday when we have kids and you hear of it and see of it, and you are tempted to contrast it to whatever it is your family does, well, you can.  And you can think we're over the top and emphasizing the wrong thing or whatever else you want.

We'll still let you come over and have some of our birthday cake :)

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