Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A little advent poem

I was going through some old books of writing (some people have sketchbooks, I have books of words) and came across this poem that I wrote a few years ago.  It made me think of this time of year.  Of advent and Emmanuel, God is with us.  With us.  Maybe that should be the title.  Hope it reminds you of how extraordinary His coming to us was.  And is.

Sweetest glimpse of glory
Breath of holies all my own.
Spirit's no longer waiting;
Has now made his way home.

Heart made of the Master,
It's beat made of the Son,
Bittersweet blood of Calvary;
my sins since made undone.

I've stepped into his skin;
or has he stepped into mine?
Behaviors at once both of us;
are they yours or are they mine?

I used to walk beside you,
but now I walk within.
I'll share all your goodness;
you share all my sin.

Sweetest Savior Jesus, Spirit wholly mine,
Love extraordinary, and altogether thine.
Breath of life into my body, holy blood
bought for my veins;
Spirit of renewal
to blot out my crimson stains.

You and I move as one,
separate yet complete,
As I love through your own heart
and walk within your feet.

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