Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas come and gone again

Are you one of those people that gets sad when Christmas is over?  I've always been that way.  Even though my type A-ness is usually itching to get back into a normal routine again, I always feel a little sad on Christmas night, when I know that once the day is over, the magic dies a little and it's a whole year until it comes again.

I love Christmas time.  Almost as much as I love summer, which is the next thing I am counting down to.

Christmas was really low key for us this year.  No traveling which was nice.  We got up early Christmas morning and skyped with family so we could watch our niece and nephew open gifts.  Then we were lazy bums and watched tv and I read a book.  For dinner we went and enjoyed food and good company with some dear friends of ours.  

I always think that Christmas is more fun when you have kids around, but I must say, I was really thankful for our quiet Christmas with just the two of us.  It was restful and comforting.  And it's not like we didn't have some childlikeness in our Christmas, as proven by these pics of various superheroes and villains which appeared all over in different positions.

Hulk was a great tree stand.  

He also wanted to proclaim the goodness of Jesus having come.

Why yes, those are ninjas fighting on a rope in front of our tree.  Because why wouldn't they be there?

I'm thankful for Christmas.  For a season to celebrate Jesus and decorate things and eat our weight in sugar cookies.   I love popping over to our neighbors with goodies and making cinnamon rolls for friends.  I love getting cards in the mail.  I love filling Dave's stocking with candy.  I love that we keep our tree up well after Christmas and let the memory of the season linger into the new year.  Because it only seems fitting to me that we start a new year with a visible reminder of Christ in our lives.

So now these little days between Christmas and January are here.  We're both back at work, and honestly, this week has been blissful.  I am the only one here and have gotten so much done with no one here to bother me that I could cry out of gratefulness.  My spirit is calm when things are done, which speaks to my spiritual immaturity as much as it does my type A personality.  Because I shouldn't let tasks and days and stresses flip my sin button on so easily.  But I do.  And instead of resolving to do better this year, I'll fall on my face in front of Jesus and ask Him to let me see Him.  As He truly is and not as I make him out to be.  He is not just a bigger, better version of me.  He is altogether different.  I crave that different right now.  To know that He is absolutely God.  To know that I am made in His image, but by no means do I look like Him.  He is made of that which I am not.  He thinks differently than I do.  He strung the cosmos together with a spoken word.  And dreamed me up on a whim I think.  I'm pretty crazy in love with Him.  Even the parts of Him that are so big and so holy that they scare me to pieces.

I hope this year, more than anything else, that He frightens me with His bigness.  Oh how great our wide and vast and doable God.  

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