Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

After a long search to find a live tree for a reasonable price (I swear, you could mark up something 300% in West Knox.  It's amazing how snobbery and perceived self importance can drive up prices), we finally ended up driving a couple counties over to find our tree.  It was still more than we wanted to pay, but it was our only option.  And it's a fir, not a pine (no thank you), and it's beautiful.  Very full and well proportioned and fresh from the mountains of NC.  Behold, the Ungleich Christmas tree!

I love real trees, but admittedly, we might end up going fake because with tree prices being what they are here, holy smokes, that's a lot of money over the years.  We could either have a live tree for the next 20 years or use that money to buy a used sedan.

We found this tree topper at Home Depot.  Luckily, the hubs found this star behind a stack of different stars.  And we like this one way better.  Score!  Hulk wanted to proclaim the coming of Christ with the angels.  We have converted him.  Let it be said, that no one is monster enough to not accept Jesus :)

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