Monday, December 2, 2013

Picture This

Finally, there are things hanging on my walls!  There is something in my female nature that has been dying for this to happen.  So, I finally figured out some things, and hung our first two things in our entry way.

The "U" was a gift from my friend Lacy.  Sidenote:  Having your last name start with U means that either 1.  you can't find anything with U because some companies don't believe in wasting time on such an unused letter, or 2.  you get things half off because they can't sell them.  The "Home Sweet Home" printable was free.  Thanks Pinterest! :)

These are two poems I wrote that were on a background that didn't match our new bedroom color.  So, once I changed them out with some scrapbook paper I already had, these were ready to roll.

I couldn't get a good pic but you can kinda tell from this one that the blue in the paper matches the wall color so well.
I have a rough plan in mind for the Living Room, but some of the pics for that room are heavy and involve wall anchors, studs, and my husband (though he is a stud too, just different from the kind I need to hang heavy things on my walls).  For now, these 4 little guys are up, and I think they are a pretty wonderful start.

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