Monday, December 30, 2013



Listening: no longer to Christmas music.  Boo!  I am back to my normal Pandora mix of things.  Though I am getting a little bored with some of my stations.  I need a fresh change I think.
Eating: too much.  Good gravy, I did so good not overdoing it too much at Thanksgiving but I did not succeed at Christmas.  I need to detox and eat only raw kale and water for about two weeks.  I go through periods like this where I swear I am not going to eat for two weeks because I feel so gross but then 45 minutes later am chowing down on fruit snacks like I don't know where my next meal will come from.  I need to stop baking for a while and let my body mellow out.

Drinking: Water and coffee.  And it's scary how well I can survive on just those two alone.

Wearing: too many doggone layers.  And they all are infused with static and so cling in odd ways to me and to each other.  I detest winter.  Oh spring, please hurry!

Feeling: Tired and overwhelmed.  I had a horrid cold a couple weeks ago and it has left my body all out of whack.  And my to do list for January is huge.  I mean, big enough to come alive and swallow small children whole.  So, I am trying to break things down into manageable chunks.  I don't think it helps that I am still coming down from a sugar high.

Weather: Cold and rainy.  I console myself with the fact that in six weeks I will be in (hopefully) sunny (please oh Jesus make it so) warm Florida.

Wanting: To have the motivation to plow through this upcoming week, getting lots done so that it fuels me and gives me energy.

Needing: My energy levels back (darn cold!), and to vacuum my house because it has been way, way, way too long since I have done that.

Thinking: About this upcoming year and all that Dave and I hope to get done.  And how I don't want to reduce an entire year to a list of things to get done or accomplish.  I want it to unfold and I want to seek out good things and live.  I want to know Jesus in knew ways and get lost in his words.

Enjoying: All the time we have had with friends lately.  Dinners, breakfasts, coffee.  Some with people I see a lot, others with people I rarely see.  I have loved it.  And am going to miss it like crazy.

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