Sunday, January 19, 2014

Closing Sunday

Do you ever start feeling sad on a Sunday evening because you know the weekend is coming to a close?  I do, and it makes me slightly panicky because I realize I only have a few hours to hold on to of sweet weekend goodness.

And so here we are, 7:30 on Sunday.  It's dark out (a bleak reminder of winter and it's nasty continued presence).  But, that's OK.  Tomorrow is the start of a new week.  Things are settling down at work, thank goodness.  And it's going to be a good week.  I am determined to get lots done because A) I have a lot of things on my list, and B) it makes me feel better to get things done.

The dining room is coming along.  I'm almost done sanding and then have to touch up trim and then prime one more time and then tape and finally, finally, I will be able to paint.  Sanding dust is coating everything in there now about 2 inches think because I and my new power sander have had an elicit affair in there and it created quite a mess (as all elicit affairs do).  We are plugging away at insulation in the garage ceiling (sidenote: fiber glass is incredibly itchy), and Dave is about half way or so done with the corner cabinet he's building for me.

We went grocery shopping today and I succumbed to a "commercial made me buy this" purchase and bought these:

Oh. My. Word.  These are so good.  I made a dinner out of them and Greek Yogurt, which was a fantastic pairing and which probably explains why I am hungry and need a snack, because that is dinner for a toddler and not for an adult.  But it was so good.  And as my husband wasn't here to make sure I eat a real dinner, it is what I had.  Get some of these.  If by some chance you don't like them (which means you have faulty taste buds or a neurological condition) then send what you don't eat to me.  You can message me for my address.

And for now, I am off to get a snack and revel in what is left of the weekend.

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