Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Missing Pieces

So, I've been reading in Genesis.  I really cannot tell you how much I love Genesis.  I could read it in an endless loop and be blissfully happy.

And you know what I have noticed about Genesis?  There is so much that we're not told.

I was filling hubs' ear about this the other night as we went on an emergency run to the grocery store for ice cream (others were there clearing the shelves of bread and milk because it was supposed to snow the next day and we Tennesseans cannot brave cold weather and possible frozen precipitation without bread and milk enough to last a few weeks).  Anyways, while others loaded up on the ingredients for french toast, we grabbed vanilla ice cream.  And I was filling his ear with my questions.

Like this:

We know from Scripture that the Trinity has existed together since before Creation.  And the NT refers to Jesus as the word of God.  So when God said "let there be light" or trees or animals or land or whatever, did he just say it and Jesus was the one who actually made it?  God speaks, Jesus does.  Was it like that?  Or more a collaboration?

Did they have fun with it?  Did they die laughing when they made a possum? (Because really, who wouldn't?) What about the weird glow in the dark fish that exist at the bottom of the ocean?  Did they make those last because they had to warm up their creative juices before they got to stuff that was just that weird?  Why so many beetles????  Does Jesus have an odd fascination with them?  Which one of them came up with snow, and tornadoes, and palm trees?

How many kids did Adam and Eve have?  We know their kids intermarried, because hello, who else would they have married, so they must have had a good bundle of them.  And since they lived so much longer than we did, did that mean that Eve was fertile until she was 400 or something?

Did Adam have a belly button?  He didn't need one...but did he have one?

Abraham's family didn't worship God but he did.  HOW DID HE KNOW??  What was it that made him acknowledge God as Lord?

I mean really, I cannot wait to go to heaven.  One, because Jesus is there (obviously).  But also because I am dying to know all these missing parts of the story.

 I am working on a couple novels right now and there is SO MUCH MORE to the story than what I have put down on paper.  So many scenes and events and words and moments exist just in my head and did not make it down on paper.

And I wonder about the parts that God and Jesus hold in their minds but which are not Scripture.  Because there are some pretty special, sacred scenes to my own stories that I have kept to myself and did not write down, and I wonder what parts they kept just for themselves.  I want to see the whole story.  We get so little of the story on the pages of Scripture.  I want to know what Mary felt as Jesus' mother and I want to know the struggles Peter dealt with.  Did Mary and Martha get along?  Did the woman at the well ever find a man that she settled down with?  Did Rahab have a hard time being accepted into the nation of Israel?  Did women scorn her because of her past?  How did her husband pursue her (that is so a story I am dying to know!).

God created the world.

He said 'Let there be Light'.

Do see the story behind those sentences?  It just amazes me, because as vast and weighty as Scripture is, it is merely the slightest taste of all that is there.  Like the little browned fried bits you get in your french fries that nobody eats because hello, you have french fries to eat!  I love the words God has given us.  And my little story loving heart cannot wait to see the rest.  All the deleted scenes.  All the unspoken words.

How blessed are we that God has given us so much, and that He still has things hidden away.  Endless surprises and untold goodness.  For now we see as in a mirror, darkly...I cannot wait to know it all.

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