Thursday, January 30, 2014

So, lately.

Snowmaggedon 2014 has gone on long enough.  Winter is such a bully, especially this year.  I hate cold, and dry skin, and hair that is constantly in some state of ion charge confusion and shoots away from head like I have electrocuted myself.


BUT, Saturday it is February.  And February is a short month (and we are going to Florida in the middle of it).  If we get through that it is March and then spring and sunshine and flip flops and all manner of glorious things are ours.  

So, lately.  

1.  American Idol
I've only watched one other season (the one with Steven Tyler because he is so funny).  But this year, oh this year, I am smitten.  Because of this man:

Harry Connick Jr.

Ya'll, I have had a crush on Harry since I first saw "Memphis Belle" (phenomenal movie by the way) when I was 8 and he sang "Danny Boy?


This man is amazing.  And I love what he has to say.  JLo is all passing out because she thinks people are adorable and Keith is moved by people's pentatonix and Christina Aguilera impressions evidently.  But Harry?  Harry speaks truth.  And he knows what's real and what's not.  Finally American Idol, you are getting it right.  If you could only replace Ryan Seacrest, you would have totally redeemed yourself.  

Also, this kid.  I know him.  Sweetest kid and so talented.  I hope this opens up doors for him!

2.  This movie:

Delta Force
This was my favorite movie as a kid.  Sound of Music was second, but this movie?  I cannot even begin to count the number of times my brother and I watched this.  I loved it.  It came on TV a couple nights ago and I haven't seen it in years and when Dave got home I told him about it.  And while I was telling him the storyline I started crying like a baby.  For real.  It's intense.  And evidently I exist in a state of mind that mimics most pregnant women because I can cry over just about anything.  There are some intense moments in this, including one scene where an American marine gets beaten and killed and it was when I was telling Dave about that that I started crying.  I can't handle some things.  And ended up turning this off before it got to that part.  But, we found this movie in the $3 movie bin at Walmart that weekend.  Score.

**Side note about me crying:  My husband is a trooper about it. Didn't even flinch when I started crying telling him about a movie.  I read the end of Allegiant during my lunch break at work and texted Dave to warn him that I had read it and hand't been able to cry yet (because oh my word, NOTHING will make you want to cry like that book.  If you read it and don't cry you are obviously Satan or a zombie).  Anyways, so sure enough I get home, stay in the kitchen baking and while cookies are in the oven I reread the ending of Allegiant over and over and sob for, no lie, about 20 minutes straight.  My sweet husband is not taken aback by the fact that I am prostrate in the floor of our kitchen in agony over a fictional story.  Instead he comes and gives me a big hug and tells me he is sorry that my book made me sad.  Really people, is he not super husband?  I think so. *

3.  Books!!!  Ah, so many good ones!  Read this:

Eleanor and Park

So, so good. I want to have daughters and have them date Park.  Such a cutie.  I die.

Grave Mercy
Liked this one too!  So different for a story; it had an interesting mix of religious/spiritual ideas to it.

And now, after a snow day off of work (!!), it is back to real life and duties and things that must get done!

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