Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Middle of the Week

Listening:  to songs I love compulsively.  To the point where a coworker came in to my office and commented on a song I was listening to and said, "I've been hearing you play that one over and over."  Poor guy. I told him I would retire it for the day :)

Currently, I am loving this one:

And bless the person who took the main theme song from "Last of the Mohicans" (which is my favorite movie of all time and it has, hands down, the best movie soundtrack) and made a continuous hour long loop of it.  Thank you person, and thank you YouTube.

That song does things to me.  *shivers*
Eating:  down our freezer.  We are buying part of a cow and making room so we have had a lot of pork and chicken lately.  And ice cream.  And I have blueberry muffins because those are never a bad idea.  And they are one of my favorite things to eat.
Drinking:  Dr. Z.  This is the Dr. Pepper version that Aldi sells.  I thought we'd try it since it's cheap and other DP knockoffs taste ok.  This one does not pass the test.  Missing a couple of those famous 23 flavors I think.  But we don't waste food (or drink) in our house.  So we will suffer through drinking them.
Wearing:  All my sweaters and winter-y things because I am optimistic that spring is coming.  And soon the days of needing sweaters will be behind us.  
Feeling:  Anxious for our vacation.   Excited about the rewrites to Story #1.  Hopeful for Spring.
Wanting:  To clean and organize things.  Spring Cleaning Fever must have hit me early because I have had crazy urges to organize sock drawers and clean behind appliances lately.  I am neurotic, clearly.  
Needing:  Sunshine!  I suffer from winter blues in a real way.  I think we all do.  But it really gets me.  Towards the end of every January I feel that I am undergoing some sort of intense personality change.  Nope.  Just winter.  I need vitamin D--no telling how low my levels are.  We drive to Florida soon.  Thank you Jesus for making Florida.
Thinking:  Of all the things I need to pack.  And letters and phone calls that need to happen.  Thinking about Jesus and church and where Dave and I should be serving.  I'm wondering how bad the snow will get.  And that I really want some grapefruit.
Enjoying:  Books that I've been rereading.  My dining room which is so pretty and so DONE.  Dreaming about Spring.  "The Goldbergs" show on TV.  Have you seen it?  It's funny without being perverse (shocker!).  
And this:

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