Thursday, March 27, 2014

Awesome Contest!

I thought that writing my manuscript would be the hardest part about becoming an author.

Then I started researching all the ins and outs and how to's of the publishing world.  Synopsis, three line pitch, six line pitch, query....all these foreign words and phrases nearly rattled my brain right out of my head.  Couldn't it just be simpler?

Ah ha!  Maybe it can!

Writer's Digest is having their 15th "Dear Lucky Agent" Contest, in which, you could win a critique of your first ten pages by an agent.  Um, yes please!

This would be awesome, even if it didn't result in being represented.  Getting feedback on my writing has proven invaluable in helping me make my story and my writing better.  Having a professional's opinion on my work would be a wonderful tool.

Know anybody who writes YA?  Tell them about this!  You never know what could happen!

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