Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More than birds

I have become obsessed with birds over the past couple of years. Never hated them before, but never loved them either. Now though, I am a bit of a bird fanatic. My favorite birds are what I call "parking lot birds"...the ones that are tiny and hop around and snatch up french fries and bits of other food from parking lots. 

(Not sea gulls though; while they have similar behavior they are fat and obnoxious and just...no. NO. They are not ideal for anything other than slingshot target practice).

Anywho...I think one of the reasons I have fallen in love with birds is because of what they remind me of; those promises in Scripture of God caring for us more than birds.

In Matthew 6 Jesus speaks of the birds and our value compared to theirs. God cares for the birds. "Are you not much more valuable than they?"

Last weekend I made this lovely little guy...$2 Goodwill frame, leftover curtain fabric, and a $5 custom Etsy print, and my little reminder of God's goodness is ready to hang in my dining room.

I need this reminder: That His banner over me is love

"More than birds". This has been my anthem. Such a promise, and something for us to cling to.

When you feel forgotten by Jesus.
When you feel that He sees you, but he isn’t doing anything.
In the hard times of waiting.
Cling to this truth that He sees and He cares, and He provides.
When others find their love and yours hasn’t come yet and the aching loneliness overwhelms you.
When you struggle with knowing your purpose and reasons for being here.
When loss rips you wide open.
When the world is full of babies and none of them are yours.
When you don't know where provision is coming from, or if it will come.

I need to be reminded that He sees, and that He is moving.  That I am worth His action and His words.  

This is what He has been telling me for months now.

Sometimes He whispers it:
More than birds, my love.  I care for you and love you more than birds.

Sometimes he repeats it over and over in a deep voice that rumbles like a song inside his chest:
More than birds, sweet girl.  I provide for you better than the birds.  I give you food and rest, shelter and comfort, love and peace.

Sometimes He shouts it, loud and resonating and bursting with truth:
More than birds!  You are more than the birds that I made and set to flight.  Your heart is more precious to me than them.

Sometimes He weeps with me and through His tears He says it-
More than birds my precious one.  I care and keep them.  I am caring for and keeping you.

Such a promise, and it's ours.

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