Friday, June 27, 2014

Taking Stock

It's been a long time since I've posted. Life is full and rich and to be honest, sometimes I'm too busy living it to blog about it. So here's a teeny little post about life lately.

Making : My scrapbook. I recently switched over to Project Life for scrapbooking. It's cute and fun, and oh so simple. I am two years behind on the scrapbook and am waiting now for the pics I ordered to come so I can get caught up. Right now the book is a hodgepodge of my old scrapbook style and Project Life. Once I'm caught up, it'll be 100% PL. I think I might even go back and redo some old college scrapbooks a la Project Life. 

Cooking : Not a lot anymore because hub's work schedule changes next week and he won't be home for dinner most nights. Which means "cooking" will become peanut butter toast and smoothies

Drinking : coffee. Oh how I love coffee. Hazelnut creamer makes it a fantastic experience.

Reading: "Junction of Sunshine and Lucky" - and loving it.

Wanting: a good night's sleep. it's been a toss and turn type of week

Looking: for new clothes. So many of my things are old and worn and stained. I want to invest in quality.

Playing: with our dogs!  They are so much stinkin' fun!

Wasting: a lot of time browsing the internet and flittering back and forth between tasks. I need to focus. Stay attentive.

Sewing: Just finished curtains for our bedroom. Nothing on the list for now, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Wishing: That summer would slow down. It's almost July. Linger, summer, Linger!

Enjoying: Long walks with the dogs, summer tomatoes, wearing flip flops, eating dinner on the deck

Waiting: for God's timing in things. 

Liking: The new season of 24, the new coral toenail polish I bought, scaring my dog with the vacuum cleaner (he goes nutso! it's adorable!)

Wondering: how much and what is God going to do this year. He did so much in our lives this past year. So, so much. In only a year. Blows me away. What's next?

Loving: My husband--he is so good for me. God and his faithfulness and crazy surprises. I don't give him enough credit for what he does.

Hoping: that my writing gets published some day

Marvelling: at God's goodness. 

Needing: new undergarments. nuff said.

Smelling: Hopefully not myself! Ha! Smells of summer: honeysuckle and freshly cut grass

Wearing: skirts and flip flops.

Following: My heart's intuition and the truth of God when my feelings get to be too much

Noticing: How long my nose is getting. Great glory, it's way bigger and longer than it used to be.

Knowing: that God loves me absolutely to pieces

Thinking: about too much. par for the course

Feeling: excited about our upcoming vacation. content with life. blessed.

Bookmarking: recipes to try and books to read

Opening: doors for God to guide me through

Giggling: at my husband when he winks at me. I lose it. He is so cute. Heavens.

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