Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dog days of summer

So hubs and I took a trip to his hometown in Central New York a few weeks ago. It was our first time traveling with the dogs. They did great!

Ready to go!

This selfie courtesy of the old fashioned "take it with your camera, then get a cord and upload it" method. Woohoo for dumb phones!

Traveling is exhausting...

Both beds were back there, but they liked sharing, and then throwing their heads out either end. Adorable.

Einstein says: I'll help you drive dad!

"I'm not doing anything. You say I can't come up front, and no, you totally did not see me slowly creep forward so that in a few minutes I will be sitting completely on the console. I am not sly. I am innocent. Don't I look innocent?"

And then we made it to NY! :)

Love those Lake Ontario sunsets!
Love this guy!
And of course, we went to Friendly's for ice cream!

I am very, very serious about my ice cream.

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