Monday, August 25, 2014

Faith in hard times

It's been a rough week. I got slammed with some nasty virus this weekend that completely put me under. (Hub's comment on how bad I must have felt was this: "You didn't talk Saturday.") Being sick meant that I couldn't make it to this writing workshop that I really, really was excited about going to, and for other reasons I won't get into, it was just a really rough weekend.

Sigh.  And it really hit me because right now I'm in some rough seas of life. I'm desperate to tie up this ship I'm on somewhere, but I can't find land, and the stars I was using to guide me are being blocked by clouds. I'm not getting anywhere. In so many ways. And it has turned me into a big hot mess. I think I just need to buy this and wear it under my clothes.

Maybe I should order one in every color

God's been closing a lot of doors in my face lately. And while I know it's good because He deems it, and because it will lead me to His best, it's still hard to take. Especially when I'm sick because I feel overwhelmed and limited by life tenfold when standing up in the shower makes me nearly black out.

I've been worried and scared and crying out to God to help. And I've been listening to fears and worries and the slamming of all those doors more than anything.

Not today.

Today I plucked God's promises like flowers in a meadow, bound them together -a bouquet of truth-and clutched them to my heart. I breathed in their sweetness and held them close to myself.

Good truth,
I stood in the shower, about to pass out, and proclaimed God's truths - about Himself - His love, His power, His goodness. I declared Him Almighty God of my life, and humbly asked that He give me what I've been asking for.

God is the best type of magic
It's amazing to me (and so humbling) that I can approach the King of the Kings while standing in the shower. That little insignificant me can pierce the fabric between our world and the great Throne Room of God, just to ask Him a question. And that instantly (instantly!) His peace floods over me. And He picks me up and tucks me close to His chest- He tells me that He sees me (not just what I've done wrong, but me-He sees me), and speaks words of love over me. He is the best type of magic. The best truth. The best love. Tuck your head under his chin, and let Him love you.

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