Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Best thing for adult acne

Ya'll, I ain't gonna lie. I miss being 16. I had flawless skin. FLAWLESS! It was like porcelain. I also had no cellulite at that point in my life. (Bless you thighs, I really do love you despite your bumpiness.)

Anywho, enter a lot of hormonal issues starting in my twenties, and I got gifted with a huge dose of adult acne. That has not gone away. In over ten years.

I've tried all sorts of things to help, all to no avail. I eat better, take supplements, try different skincare products, etc etc. I've just about done it all. Was considering doing R&F, which works, but which I would need a second job to be able to afford.

Then I stumbled across this lovely blog (which is great for millions of reasons), and read a post Lauren did about rosehip seed oil. It was cheap and all natural (two things I love), so I figured, why not give it a try? I bought a bottle. I used it twice a day for a month, and had approximately two blemishes pop up that month.



I normally get two a day, and got two that month. I was sold. I'm into my second month and have had 0 breakouts.  I have chronic dry skin and this has helped with that. It's helped with eczema on my face. My acne scars are fading.


Did you hear me say this stuff is all natural, and cheap?? $11 for a bottle that lasts me about 6 weeks (again, that's using twice, sometimes more, a day). Glory, glory, hallelujah! All the girls with PCOS rejoiced! Run ladies to the amazon website and get some of this. The fountain of youth evidently comes in a bottle from amazon!

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