Monday, November 3, 2014

Painful grace


So last Thursday was a busy day.  I was going out of town Friday morning and had a ton to do: laundry, packing, errands, etc etc. I got up early and skipped the gym so that I could get some things knocked out before work. After work I stopped to get dog food for our dogs. We weren't in dire need but it was the last day the kind we buy was going to be on sale so I wanted to stock up. I fought afternoon traffic, got to the store, and grabbed my purse. Only to discover that my wallet wasn't in there.


I knew where my wallet was. On Wednesdays I go to Starbucks to write and my wallet was no doubt in my computer bag where it had been since Wednesday morning. I had forgotten to put it back in my purse.

I was tired, and hungry (a bad combination for me; I am like a toddler in my ability to melt down in those circumstances). Anger started to roar to life inside of me, but then I stopped. Here's why: 

I normally don't check my purse for my wallet. Wallet normally stays in the purse (I normally put it right back on Wed mornings), purse stays in my car. If it weren't for stopping for pet food and discovering the missing wallet, I would have driven off Friday without it. I would have made it miles into Ohio when I stopped for gas and only then discovered I didn't have it. No credit cards, no cash, no gas. Nothing. Who knows how I would have gotten out of that pickle.

I was frustrated at first over not being able to do that errand. Then I realized what a huge grace that inconvenience was. It saved me from a much bigger problem.

Amazing that sometimes grace is painful. That frustration and annoyance was a blessing. Isn't it just like God to use everything in our lives, and to give us mercies both big and small that we absolutely do not deserve? 

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