Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bibe journaling

So, I've always been one of those people who liked marking in their Bibles. Lately I've seen lots of people on the interwebs doing Bible journaling, where they draw and do other cute things in their Bible. I'm in awe.

And I want to do that!

But here's the thing -  I don't draw. Well, I do draw, but it's mess. I can't draw or paint. And I definitely do not write cute (Alas, the one skill I wish I had more than anything!) So, yeah, as wonderful as I think it is, drawing in my Bible would just result in a mess. Plus, pictures aren't my thing.

Words are.

And not in the Greg Pinker "this is what this means in Greek" type of way. Goodness knows I am no theologian. But I love stories more than anything. So instead of putting my thoughts on the Bible page, I thought "Why not do the opposite?". So I found an old Bible, got a journal, and now cut and paste passages of Scripture that speak to me and write around it. Thoughts, stories, prayers, sometimes I make a modern day story out of what I read.

Perhaps not everyone's way of getting the Bible in, but this is how I soak it in. I share this to say: find how the Bible speaks to you, and ingest it that way. Some people eat their vegetables in salads. Some people like their veggies cooked. Others blend theirs in smoothies. The point is that you're getting vegetables. 

Everyone has their way. And this is one I am loving. I'll share my random thoughts on here in case anyone's interested. I love seeing different takes and angles on Scripture. Mine may be quirky, but maybe it'll get you thinking!

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