Monday, February 9, 2015

Follow the bee


So years, ago, my pastor Rick Dunn spoke about how following God was like following a bumblebee. Bees don't fly in straight paths. Instead they buzz here and there, suddenly changing direction and coming to stops so suddenly you almost can't keep up. They are very erratic, those bees.

(Though, let's be honest. If there is a bee somewhere within a three mile radius of where I am walking, he will make his way to my face and buzz there enough to cause a pretty spectacular spastic fit. Really, hide somewhere and watch me walk or jog outside. Bees inevitably find me, and my reaction is pretty hilarious).

Anywho, back to bees. I loved this analogy of following God being like following a bee, because it's such a great picture of what walking with God looks like. Sometimes I swear God is leading me one way then we veer and head toward something completely different. Something that I probably would have run from if I'd seen it a ways back on a linear course. If you had told me seven years ago I'd be married to Dave, working as a financial secretary, and have two dogs in my house, I would have doubled over laughing at you.

(I am pleased to report, by the way, that I love all these things. That God, He knows what He's doing!)

I was going through an old notebook this weekend and came across a poem I wrote in response to Rick's sermon. It reminded me again of the truth of following God on His heels, so wanted to share.

Follow the Bee

Follow the bee - 
when he zips along at a frenzied speed,
No account for rest, no account for need.
Follow the bee - 
when He changes His course
without apology, and without remorse.
Keep your eye ever on Him so that He can always be found.
And if you do lose sight, just follow His sound.
His movements are swift, sometimes too hard to see -
Keep right up with Him! Follow the bee.

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