Thursday, June 25, 2015

Now I lay me down to sleep

We bought our house exactly two years ago. She is, as I affectionately call her, a rehab house. She was in rough, rough shape when we got her, but so far she's cleaned herself up pretty well. I forget sometimes how far we've come with her because we have so much we still want to do. But then I step back and think, wow, look how things have changed.

Case in point: our bedroom.

This is what the master bedroom looked like when we bought the house:

Peeling drywall, mirrors on the wall (??), and do you see the white spaces where pictures had been hanging? Notice the filth on those walls. The previous owner smoked in this room, and I scrubbed the walls no less than six times, pulling off layer after layer of nastiness. 
We primed the walls, ceiling, and floor of the bedroom with Kilz primer, and after 2 coats of that, the smell was FINALLY gone!
The dirt and dog-hair-clogged carpets were one of the first things to go!
Then we painted! Dave wanted to wake up and feel like he was in the Caribbean. So a bold blue was our pick for this room.

New carpet!!!  

And now, today. (This was a rare occasion when the bed was actually made) Everything clean and crisp and beachy! We're so thankful for this house God has given us. It's not Pinterest perfect, and we don't want it to be. It's a good house, and it's cluttered and full of our lives. And that's just how I want it to be. 

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