About Me

Hi!  I'm Amanda-

Wife to Dave (he’s studly and sweet).  We just bought our first house, a little fixer up that I affectionately refer to as our rehab house.  She was pretty rough when we got her, but she's getting better every day!

I love to write!  My children's picture book "A Day at the Zoo" can be purchased as an ebook at Meegenius!  I am dabbling with writing some YA stuff which I am loving.  Stories have such a sacred place in my heart.  It's been the coolest experience ever to write one.

I’m originally from North Carolina-the place I love and belong.  Ironically, we live in Tennessee.  I went to college at Auburn and after a four year love affair with the ‘loveliest village on the plains’, I moved to Tennessee.  My husband is from central New York near Syracuse.  We dream of calling Carolina home again someday.  For now, we live in a city that can’t seem to understand what orange really looks like.

This blog is here to be a place for my voice.

To tell stories.

To practice writing.

To share.

To encourage.


  1. Nice to *meet* you...
    I'm WAY on the other side in Oregon, but have been to North Carolina several times to visit family and it is BEAUTIFUL...
    Looking forward to meeting you IRL @ Allume.

    1. Nice to "meet" you, too! I would LOVE to make it to an Allume Conference some day, but it sadly won't be this year :( What a great experience it will be for you, though! I hope it blesses you greatly!

  2. Hi there Amanda,

    Please can I ask you, or your husband how he got his eyebrows white when he dressed up as Mr Clean.

    I ask because I was searching for white eyebrows and saw the image in the google results. I have been asked to be Santa for 60 nursery kids next Thursday and have no idea how to accomplish this as my hair is naturally nearly black.

    Please could you (or your husband) e-mail me: lee@rodwellfamily.co.uk or call or text me on 07967 349 105.

    Many thanks and kind regards,